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Web Design For Dummies (Like Me)

Another semester another web design assignment, the bane of my existence. On first hearing about this assignment, I was transported back to the nauseating experience of trying to figure out the inner workings of Adobe Muse.

There, the real work involved figuring out how to actually use the software and not the assignment itself. This was something which quickly learned could not be accomplished by fiddling around with it. As quickly as I would have hoped anyway.

Luckily for me, this assignment would focus on building a website using Google Sites.¬†With this, I was reassured that this assignment wouldn’t be quite as traumatic.

Google Sites’ templates really did a lot of the work for me and allowed me to focus instead on the content of my website. Learning in class that less is more in communicating content online, I began to focus most of my efforts towards character length.

However, while content is all well good, poor navigation and a websites overall aesthetic can greatly impact functionality and the length of time a reader spends on your site. The key to any successful website is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for any would be visitors.

This in mind, I turned my efforts to improving the website’s overall appearance. To do this, I carefully chose a colour scheme which I believed would best reflect my site. As I intended it to be educational, I chose blue as it reflects a sense of competence and quality (or so my sociology lecturer would have me believe).

Colour in check, I now needed to go over some of the picture choices I made and search for better alternatives. Keeping professionalism in mind, photos needed to communicate that and maintain a certain aesthetic in line with the theme and colour scheme in use.

Confident in my choices of content and design, I needed to quickly run through the site as if I was a visitor. Checking links embedded to other sites as well as user friendliness, I navigated my way through each page.

Two weeks of work later and with slightly more hairs on my head than after previous web design experiences, I’m quite pleased with Google Sites, as well as my project.

Just as I tried to mimic with my website, Google Sites’ user friendliness as well as its functionality worked a treat for me. Even learning from scratch, a dummy like me, was able to create my very own website and it didn’t even cost me a penny.




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Who am I?: Perhaps The Greatest Journey Of Them All?

I’d firstly like to both apologize and thank those who’ve been constantly nagging at me to reboot this blog. Often I found myself writing, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t finish anything I had begun. Loose ends and brick walls. We are all our own worst critics and I was certainly no exception, finding myself critiquing every word until the page lay blank. The question I kept finding myself uttering was “What is this blog for? Who am I?”. I needed a voice surely, and all I have is my own. These questions would be particularly poignant whenever I was asked when I would write again as I never really had an answer for it other than a half arsed promise of “soon”.

DSC_0640As time went on I soon came to realise it was the fear of publishing something imperfect that troubled me. I never considered myself a perfectionist and am normally quite confident publicly, but there’s something about publishing a written piece in one’s own name that leaves it that bit more exposed. The truth is I don’t know who I am, it’s an ongoing journey. It became apparent that if I were to really commit to pursuing a career in the media, I would need to take this baby step to overcome my unease and my voice would find itself.

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