Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines.

As usual, the first six or so weeks of college glide past almost carefree. Blink and you’d almost miss them, until you find yourself in week 11, neck-deep in deadlines you’d forgotten about in the slumber of the first several weeks.

Trying to allocate time to what and figuring out as to when it must be all submitted is where I find myself as of now. On top of some things more than others, it’s not all total chaos. However, it does little to make the last few weeks the semester any less stressful.

The afterthought of going into my fourth and final year is just that, an afterthought, for now anyway. While personal issues have somewhat distracted me from the get go, I now feel I’m in a better position to muster on.

Thankfully Easter is upon us and the week in it should allow me to get on track. It seems no matter how much time a student is given to complete something, most will wait til the absolute last moment to complete it and I’m by no means an exception to this.

While all this work may squeezed into just a few weeks may seem daunting, to say the least, summer on the horizon is sure to lend the motivation one needs to trudge onward.

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