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A year spent abroad has only made me hungrier not just to travel, but live and work abroad in new and exciting places. While difficult at times, especially considering my deep affection for my country and all my loved ones that call it home, it has yet to phase me.

My plan, if you could call it one, was to graduate from UL with a certificate in TESL. This would allow me to travel far afield and work as an English teacher. Sounds simple on paper and as I was soon to find out, much more difficult in theory.

I’ve quickly learned that being a native speaker in a language does not mean one is able to teach it. While aware that TESL certification would be no walk in the park, I was humbled after just one week of lectures and tutorials.

Ask the average person to categorise words and most will reply with something like: “Nouns, adjectives, verbs” or along those lines. This, I’m now well informed, is a gross simplification and each of these have four or so deeper categorisations. Categorisations which can be quite painful to learn… even as a native speaker!

As the old saying goes “nothing worth having comes easy” and I haven’t allowed my initial difficulties put me off my goal.

It’s intensive, time-consuming, frustrating and just damn difficult at times, but it’s the means of attaining the future I want and I’ll be damned if I gave in so easily.


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