Who am I?: Perhaps The Greatest Journey Of Them All?

I’d firstly like to both apologize and thank those who’ve been constantly nagging at me to reboot this blog. Often I found myself writing, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t finish anything I had begun. Loose ends and brick walls. We are all our own worst critics and I was certainly no exception, finding myself critiquing every word until the page lay blank. The question I kept finding myself uttering was “What is this blog for? Who am I?”. I needed a voice surely, and all I have is my own. These questions would be particularly poignant whenever I was asked when I would write again as I never really had an answer for it other than a half arsed promise of “soon”.

DSC_0640As time went on I soon came to realise it was the fear of publishing something imperfect that troubled me. I never considered myself a perfectionist and am normally quite confident publicly, but there’s something about publishing a written piece in one’s own name that leaves it that bit more exposed. The truth is I don’t know who I am, it’s an ongoing journey. It became apparent that if I were to really commit to pursuing a career in the media, I would need to take this baby step to overcome my unease and my voice would find itself.

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