Group Work P.1

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For our first group assignment, we were given the task of writing up a Wikipedia page for St. Michael’s Church on Denmark Street. Though not the most exciting building to write on, I was surprised to have found the amount of history behind this seemingly average church.

Though I’ve passed the church hundreds of times, I never gave it the time of day until this project. The church is located in the centre of Limerick City’s shopping district at Denmark Street and is quite easy to find. We were lucky that Luke, a member of our group, lived nearby the church and instantly volunteered himself to take the photos.
The sheer co-operation and work ethic among our group was outstanding and built me up to be severely disappointed by every other group I would work with to follow…

The Church itself is Romanesque and apart from the golden depiction of the Archangel Michael in combat with Satan, the grey limestone walls blend in with the rest of the busy street. The original church was on the opposite side of the street, but was abandoned after the Cromwellian Siege. The position of the church and the natural moat formed by the Abbey and Shannon River, made it a strategic stronghold during both the Cromwellian and Williamite sieges. As a bit of a History nerd,I found the history thoroughly fascinating and was delighted to do the history section on the Wiki page.
While sources were at times tedious to find, we eventually found a Parish website with meticulous information about every part of the Church’s history and our job much easier! We met together in the computer lab and divided up the workload and sections between us. After the meeting, we contacted one another through Facebook and Google Drive. Luckily, Luke, Alan and I were all in the same computer lab and the editing was a breeze.

In all, I was quite glad to have gotten St. Michael’s Church and because of my research, I found an excellent book on the Williamite War (Which is quite excellent at that).

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One thought on “Group Work P.1

  1. Very well done on the Wiki, glad to see St. Michael’s Parish represented and to be referenced in it, I had never seen the pre-extension photograph of the church so that was a treat for me.


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